Planning a trip is exciting and if you drive an Electric Vehicle you deserve to do it worry free. 
Don’t let your journey be ruined by range anxiety, fretting about how many miles you can drive before the need to plug in: discover  e-ROUTES by Free2move Charge, the new mobile app created for you by Citroën to enrich your driving experience. ​

The e-ROUTES  app is your electric co-pilot  that will guide you to destinations, recommending the best charging stations and providing you with real-time battery level updates. ​

Forget range anxiety and just enjoy your trips even if your vehicle does not have an embedded navigation system: know your estimated end charge upon arrival and stay informed about charging station availability. 

With e-ROUTES, you always get the best route indications taking into account live traffic information, speedcam alerts and responding to vocal guidance.​

Start your next electric journey with e-ROUTES app and Citroën navigation.

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e-ROUTES is designed for stress-free journeys: our new trusted navigation app let you plan your trips while driving your electric Citroën.

Before you start your next long journey, check  the e-ROUTES app to see the estimated end charge upon arrival and locate all charging points along the route, just in a few taps. ​

All your vehicle's parameters are shared with e-ROUTES thanks to Citroën dynamic data updates: that's how e-ROUTES gives you accurate suggestions on where to stop, charge or change route. During your journey, the app provides you the best solution to reach your destination avoiding traffic by getting real time information while taking into account your battery level. And if the traffic conditions change, e-ROUTES recomputes the charge plan to give you the best indications.​

Just make your journeys easier with our new Citroën service.


e-ROUTES by Free2move Charge is the ultimate electric vehicle navigation app for connected Electric Vehicles. 

Even if your vehicle is not equipped with embedded navigation, thanks to our new app you can benefit from Citroën's help for all your electric journeys: our app estimates and checks your battery charge levels during the trip and locates the best charging points along the route. ​

e-ROUTES also suggests you the optimal charge time for each stop: when you are planning your trip and while you are approaching a charging stations, you’ll see in the app the best suggestions to get  the optimal charge level.​

And don’t waste time waiting for a charger: e-ROUTES lets you know how many chargers are available at the next stations, so you can choose the best stop to get your charge!​

Just connect your smartphone to the infotainment system thanks to Citroën screen mirroring.  See the app indications directly on your vehicle’s infotainment screen, follow the suggestions and reach every destination with total peace of mind.


Get the most out of your electric car with the latest Citroën connected service designed just for you.

How to subscribe and download e-ROUTES by Free2move Charge:

1. First, you must have a MyCitroën account. If you do not have a MyCitroën account, it is quick and easy to create one using the MyCitroën app or straight from the Citroën website. You will need the MyCitroën app to use this service: open the app or download it via the
Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then log in.

2. In MyCitroën, go to the Connected Services catalogue and select e-ROUTES from the list of available services. Choose e-ROUTES, accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy, and then subscribe to the service by pressing "Access". Make sure you have completed the association process with your car to use the e-ROUTES app. If you have already done so, go to step 4; Otherwise, follow the next steps.

3. The MyCitroën app will ask you to follow the 3 association steps to connect to your car (I – define your trusted phone number and verify it; II – set a security code; III - connect the phone to the car via Bluetooth).

4- If subscription is successful, once you’ve subscribed, you will see that the subscription application is "active" in the MyCitroen service catalogue. It may take a few hours for this Citroën service to be activated. In the app, you'll see some suggestions to speed up the process, such as driving for a short time; activation will be faster if you drive your car in an area with a strong mobile signal.


Now that you’ve subscribed, it’s time to download e-ROUTES by Free2move Charge app to bring the best electric navigation onboard, through mirroring.​

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Once it’s downloaded, insert your MyCitroën credentials and log in.​

It’s all done now, you can enjoy your Citroën service!​