Maintenance e-book

Maintenance e-book

Your Maintenance E-book , up to date and always available.

Sometimes it's hard to know where you are in relation to servicing your vehicle:  When did I last service my vehicle, and when is the next service due? Thanks to your Maintenance E-book, the service history of your vehicle and the next operations to come are managed automatically in a digital version.  

Once activated, we update your digital booklet at each workshop visit. And it's free of charge.




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Maintenance e-book

No need for a hard copy : Your vehicle Service History will always be available in your digital device.

We will update your Maintenance E-book after each visit.

We will remind you the next services to come, based on age and mileage of your vehicle.

In this digital version, all this information will be easily handled by your Citroen Authorised Repairer.

All in one place.



Maintenance E-book is a digital service available for our customers to be informed about the service intervals of their vehicle.

We keep you informed about the next service due for your vehicle based on the age and mileage, and provide details of the operations and checks to be carried out.

Your Authorised Repairer will update the E-book once a service is completed.

Benefits :

  • Information easy to access.
  • Added value for your vehicle, as the service history may be transferred, for example when selling your vehicle.
  • Reminder about services due with a description of the operations to be carried out.
  • Linked to Citroen Authorised Repairer on-line booking.


Available in one click, free of charge


Activating the E-book is easy : once subscribed, your maintenance schedule is available on MyCitroen.
Don't have an account? To consult your Maintenance e-book and much more, download the MyCitroën App* on your smartphone and enjoy the new service.

(* MyCitroen App is free of charge and available in Android or IOS version)