Real Time Traffic

Real Time Traffic


With TomTom Real Time Traffic you can have complete peace of mind when driving.

You can drive without being distracted or having to face information overload for this CITROËN has chosen TomTom and its users. The system looks after all aspects of your journey from navigation to analysing your surrounding areas (Points of Interest/parking/petrol stations etc) allowing your eyes to stay focused on the road ahead and your hands firmly on the steering wheel.

This service is included free of charge for 3 years with all purchases of new cars equipped with CITROËN Real Time Traffic – when signed in, you are able to confirm eligibility of your car and subscribe.

The countries covered by these services are listed in the General conditions of sale and use, click here.

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Real Time Traffic

With the CITROËN Real Time Traffic, the system finds the best route in real time based on reliable traffic news. Just the correct information you need using the best GPS solution and the expertise of TomTom and its large community of users.

CITROËN incorporates its connect nav system in the main screen of your car. Working seamlessly you also get the benefit of voice control. Your smartphone can also be connected to the whole system, which means you don’t use its battery, you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Keep your CITROËN in the palm of your hand.

Connect your car to my CITROËN  and discover all the benefits of a car connected to your favourite services.


Complete peace of mind

Enjoy the time in your vehicule to the fullest extent, with the CITROËN Real Time Traffic including live updates from TomTom. You can find addresses, avoid traffic jams, and find the cheap fuel or parking, all thanks to the real time updates. These are delivered to your cars touchscreen.

A dedicated assistant at your service

When following a route, we are commited to ensure we provide the information you need - and nothing else. No inconvenient adverts, no pop-ups, no requests to talk to unknown co-user. Just the best GPS solutions in real time brought together on your vehicle screen. CITROËN Real Time Traffic benefits from TomTom user community information to deliver you the best in-car service, without ever using your data for commercial purposes, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

Permanently connected

If your CITROËN is equipped with Connect SOS, it has an inbuilt telematics box meaning all connected services can work seamlessly.

If your vehicle doesn't have Connect SOS, the live connected services will only work when sharing your compatible smartphone's data connection.

TomTom services

  • Real time traffic news
  • Parking prices and availability
  • Weather forecast on your journey
  • Voice control supported
  • Fuel stations information including pricing
  • Quick search for addresses and points of interest
  • Speedcam / Danger Zone alerts (chargeable option) 


It’s already enabled:

When you buy a CITROËN equipped with a Real Time Traffic system, you can benefit from 3 years free subscription to live services, provided by TomTom.

After 3 years, you can extend the services in your online account. 

How to use it:

One you have subscribed, simply set the configuration in your vehicle and the services will start working in-car. To activate the service in your car, follow the process below :

To know more about the service, discover the Real Time Traffic Tutorials :

To use the Real Time Traffic services in a vehicle not equipped with the connect SOS & ASSISTANCE SERVICE, it must be paired with the customer's Smartphone, which shares its internet connection. The connection sharing of the customer's smartphone must be activated.

To do so, go to the smartsphone configuration/settings and activation mode :

Connection sharing > Wi-Fi Hoptspot > Mobile access point > Tethering